Hello friends! We’re fxrrvst (pronounced ‘forest’), your friendly neighbourhood alternative/indie/emo/whatever-you-want-to-call-us band, based in Toronto, Canada.  We make songs that we like, that we hope other people will too.  Besides music and rock climbing, we are super passionate about the planet and good will, so we always try to make eco-conscious merch (Holly uses her craft skills and hand makes loads of our merch) and promote organisationsw we love whenever we can, and encourage our new listener friends to do the same!     

Matt and Holly met for the first time the day after Holly, moving from Indonesia, landed in Canada back in 2015 (August 22nd to be exact).  Later that night, at the local Mississauga Krispy Kreme donut shop,the band was basically started over a dozen original glazed.  After countless band “break-ups” and name changes, the name was settled and the rest is history (we must have been tired when fxrrvst stuck lol).    

Since the Kripsy Kreme days, fxrrvst have been fortunate enough to have been played on reputable radio stations such as Toronto’s 102.1 The Edge, Indie88 (Edge and Indie88 our local wake up radio stations, better than starbucks to start the day), Sirius XM Radio’s The Verge, Calgary’s X92.9 as well as Melbourne, Australia’s FOX FM (which happens to have the highest radio-listenership on the continent…love you guys!). Around that time, they found themselves nominated for a Toronto Independent Music Award (our buds in MONOWHALES won that one. Can’t be upset being runners up to those lovely humans!).  

In 2020, right before the world got flipped on its head, ‘Bad Things’ was released, the first single to their then upcoming project ‘Dear Friend;’. COVID hitting meant fxrrvst’s second tour had to be canceled, which included shows from PEI to London, Ontario. (It sucked all around for everyone, everywhere). The silver lining however, was that more music lovers had dedicated more time to discovering new music, with, ‘Dear Friend;’ posting record numbers for the band.  (You guys did great!  Thank you <3)  

Not long after releasing ‘Dear Friend;’, fxrrvst were straight back to writing new tunes. Over time those late-night, basement demos and scribbles became full songs. Stay tuned for the next project, ‘Amygdala’, with singles anticipated for Fall 2023. In anticipation of the next single, they’ve been working the songs live, and have recently launched a new subscriber platform with loads of unique perks and opportunities.  

We have to thank you all for the plays and views on streaming platforms, youtube, tiktok (where we’re working on our dance moves), etc. We feel the love, and appreciate every single person who has supported us. We are incredibly proud of how we have grown and have no intentions on stopping any time soon. Hope to see ya at a rock climbing gym meet-n-greet, concert, and thanks for tagging along for the ride!

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